Yaesu AR-DV10 Handscanner analog/digital 100 kHz bis 1300 MHz

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Advanced Multi-mode, Wide-band 100kHz to 1300MHz SDR Digital Receiver The AR-DV10 is... mehr
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Advanced Multi-mode, Wide-band 100kHz to 1300MHz SDR Digital Receiver

The AR-DV10 is the worlds most advanced wide-band 100kHz-1300MHz, multi-mode, SDR receiver. It supports a variety of digital and analog modes in the Amateur radios bands, Aircraft band, Marine band and Commercial bands. The AR-DV10 is capable of receiving analog (CW/SSB/AM/FM) in all the Amateur Radio bands. In additionl to the analog modes, the AR-DV10 affords reception of high-quality C4FM digital audio, and numerous other digital protocols for commercial radio such as DMR and P25.

Digital Auto-Mode Feature
Thanks to the Digital Auto-Mode feature, a received signal type is instantly recognized and the AR-DV10 is automatically switched to the applicable Digital Mode or Analog FM Mode. This feature enables hassle-free reception without the need to manually switch modes.
1.7 x 1.7 Inch Large Dot Matrix display
The large 1.7" x 1.7" high resolution Dot Matrix display has excellent visibility clearly showing all modes and settings on the display. Menu and Mode selection screens are in a tiled view for easy selection and intuitive operation. Detailed configuration screens in the set list view make it easy to understand the listed parameters at a glance, and quickly make changes to settings and adjustments.
One-touch Recording with SD memory card
Received audio may be recorded with one touch of the "REC" button on the front panel. Audio recordings can be selected from a list to play back, and can easily be saved to the micro SD card as a .WAV file. In addition to storing received voice audio, the micro SD card can also be used to save memory channels, backup data, and update the firmware
8.3 hours operating time wtih the supplied large capacity Li-Ion Battery
Supplied with a 2000mAh high capacity Li-Ion battery provides over 8.3 hours of operating time. Also, the AR-DV10 is ready to operate from multiple power sources, such as AA alkaline batteries or from an external DC power source.
2000 Channel Memory Capacity
The AR-DV10 can store up to 2000 memory channels which can be divided into 40 banks of 50 memory channels each. Alpha numeric Channel labels with up to 12 characters may be entered for easy channel recall.
All-In-One Package
The AR-DV10 comes value packaged with all necessary accessories including 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack, AC power adapter, charging cradle, cigarette lighter DC/DC charger/power cord, 6 x AA battery tray, Antenna, Belt clip and Micro SD memory card
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