Glomex RA109GRP

Glomex RA109GRP
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There is no compromise in the manufacturing of these antennas. The tapered stainless steel whips can absorb physical shocks without bending.
The fibreglass version has a glossy polyurethane coating to provide extra corrosion protection for the internal copper elements.
The Glomex exclusive weatherproof solderless connector allows installation without soldering so it simplifies the replacement of existing antennas.
These individually tuned antennas are supplied with all of the parts necessary for installation. 
We supply only high quality RG58 C/U (MIL C17) coax cable with our ALOUD product line. 
These antennas are also approved for marine use on grounded and ungrounded installations (sail and power boats) by the Netherlands Postal Service.
Masthead glossy fibreglass whip, SO-239 termination for PL259.

* RA106 = Bracket = Aluminium Bracket 
* RA132 = Connector PL259 Male 
* RA138 = Protection threaded 
* RA140 = Feedtru nylon 

RA201 = Splitter VHF 
* RA209 = Bracket insulator 

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