MFJ-1275X Sound Card Radio Interface

MFJ-1275X Sound Card Radio Interface
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  • MFJ-1275X
  • MFJ-1275X
SOUND CARD INTERFACE, PSK31/SSTV/CW/RTTY/AMTOR/PK Plug this new MFJ-1275 sound card interface... mehr
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Plug this new MFJ-1275 sound card interface between your transceiver and computer and enjoy operating all digital modes. Everything you need is included -- software, audio cables and power supply.
 The MFJ-1275 provides fully automatic operation with audio and push-to-talk control. It matches sound card audio, eliminates ground loops and provides microphone override. Works with all transceivers with 8-pin round.
 Operate PSK-31, packet, APRS, AMTOR, RTTY, SSTV, CW, high speed CW Meteor Scatter and many others. Also use as Contest Voice Keyer and CW Contest Memory Keyer.

 Digital Modes or Normal Operation
 Choose digital modes or normal transceiver/computer operation with the push of a switch. Selecting the ON digital mode, all connections are made between your rig and computer for instant digital operation.
 In the BYPASS normal mode, your transceiver and computer connections are restored for their normal operation.

 Audio Isolation Transformers
 Audio isolation transformers and relay eliminate ground loops, audio hum, noise and distortion.

 RFI Proof
 Extensive RF suppression and line isolation eliminates RF feedback problems.

 Automatic Microphone Override
 You can override any digital mode and transmit microphone audio at any time by pressing mic PTT -- great for SSTV and Contest Voice Keyer operation.

 More Impressive Features

 Serial Port: -- lets computer control your radio to override and/or interrupt digital transmissions
 VOX Control: -- lets you use automatic VOX control when not using computer serial port control
 Level Controls: -- for transmitter drive and for receiver-to-sound card drive level. No need to adjust microphone gain or sound card level when you change modes.
 Stereo or Mono Audio Input: -- A front panel switch selects left, right, or both sound card audio outputs channels to accommodate various programs.
 Off-The-Air Recording: -- for replaying or for use with spectrum analyzer programs
 Monitor Switch: -- lets you hear receiver audio when you want it -- a MUST for SSTV and Voice Keyer operation
 Rugged Construction: -- All aluminum cabinet and surface-mount construction gives you years of trouble-free service

 Use Any Transceiver
 Internal jumpers program microphone wiring for any brand or model radio -- no soldering required.
 MFJ-1275 includes RS-232 and audio cables, power supply and a CD with a collection of the most popular amateur radio shareware to operate PSK-31, RTTY, SSTV, PACKET, AMTOR, CW, HSCE Meteor Scatter, Contest Voice Keying and other modes. Uses 240 VAC.

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Hersteller: MFJ Enterprises
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