Superstar Sharp Shooter SS1B4 Black

Superstar Sharp Shooter SS1B4 Black
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Everyone is a unique individual! If you are fed up with being part of the collective and want a... mehr
Produktinformationen "Superstar Sharp Shooter SS1B4 Black"

Everyone is a unique individual! If you are fed up with being part of the collective and want a CB microphone that stands out from the crowd you want a Superstar Sharp Shooter CB Microphone!

The SS1C4T Superstar sharp shooter CB microphone from Workman Electronic Products chromed metal and shaped to mold to your hand just like your favorite pistol! If you are looking for a unique CB microphone with unusual style, this might be the one for you.

The Superstar sharp shooter 5 pin power mic has a shape and style you don't see very often these days. It is shaped like the handle and trigger for a pistol, with the mic element on top. This heavy duty mic is all metal with a Mil-spec 10 foot coiled cord. Built to be as tough as it looks the SS1C5T is powered by a 7 volt battery that is not included.

The 5 pin Mil-spec cord is compatible with Cobra® and Uniden CB radios.

Product features

  • Black metal gun mic
  • 4 pin Cobra/Uniden
  • Mil-spec coiled cord
  • Power mic (battery not included)
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