Firestik FS4-64A8A-W SK 120cm WHITE

Firestik FS4-64A8A-W SK 120cm WHITE
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FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: ◾ High performance CB antenna kits complete with a 3... mehr
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◾ High performance CB antenna kits complete with a 3 or 4 foot antenna, and a 3-way mounting bracket that will allow you to mount the antenna on a vertical or horizontal mirror arm or rail as well as directly to any flat vertical surface.
◾ The kits also includes our 550 cm (18 feet) Fire-Flex cable made from top grade RG-58A/U coaxial cable complete with two screw-on PL-259 connections.
◾ And, as a bonus for purchasing a complete kit, we throw in a FREE stainless steel spring and a FREE microphone hanger. 

◾ And dont forget ... ALL antennas, regardless of style or manufacturer, MUST be tuned after installation on the vehicle. Transmitting antennas are not plug-n-play devices. 

◾ Whip Length 123 cm (4 Feet)
◾ Type 5/8 Wave Antenna.
◾ Top Loaded Antenna.
◾ Works with All CB Radios.
◾ Covers all AM, FM and SSB Citizen Band Radio Frequencies.
◾ Average tuned SWR: 1.5 to 1.
◾ For Single or Dual Installations.
◾ Use with 550 cm (18 Feet) or Fire-Flex Coax.
◾ 3/8 Inch x 24 Heavy Duty Threaded Base.
◾ Fits all Firestik Mounts and Accessories.
◾ Cover reduces Static Noise up to 50%.
◾ Barehands tuning, No tools required.

These are ground-plane dependent antennas. They require a metallic counterpoise to perform properly. They are not suited for use on non-metallic (composite) verhicles or those with insufficient metal. They can be used to build a base station antenna if a ground-plane is provided. When used with a transmitter (versus a receiver) these antennas should be tested and tuned asross the radios operating frequency. Using an untested, untuned antenna for transmitting can damage the transmitters circuitry.

Groud-plane dependent antennas require mounting brackets and antenna stud mounts that are grounded to a chassis ground point. Powder coating, paint and or anodized surfaces are insulating coatings and must be removed down to the metal surface where ever a grounding point is required.

1 Pc of Antenna.
1 Pc of Mirror Mount.
1 Pc of Cable.1 Pc of Spring.
1 Pc of Microphone Hanger.
1 Pc of Red Plastic Tip.
1 Pc of User Manual in English.

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