Firestik R-1A

Firestik R-1A
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FEATURES, FUNCTIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS: ◾ There are times when it is convenient to be able to... mehr
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◾ There are times when it is convenient to be able to quickly remove your antenna without fumbling around for tools. Perhaps your antenna is too tall to fit into your garage, or you often park in a high theft area. Maybe you dont use your antenna every day but want to be able to snap it on in a hurry when you do want to use it. If thats the case, a quick disconnect is all that you need. Firestik offers two quick disconnect models. Both models are compatible with 3/8x24 threaded antennas and accessories.

◾ The R-1A utilizes an external locking design. This design allows the manufacturing process to be more automated, thus reducing the cost. A benefit of the external locking mechanism is its added ruggedness. We recommend its use in situations that involve continuous exposure to shaking and vibration.

◾ The R-1A may be used with antennas up to 1,5 meter (5 feet). Physically, the R-1As installed dimensions are 65 mm (2.5 inch) high by 15 mm (0.600 inch) diameter.

◾ The Upper and Lower body parts are made of chrome plated machine brass. The locking pin is stainless steel and the spring is heat treated spring steel.

◾ Standard 3/8x24 thread fits all Firestik brand Antennas and Accessories.
◾ For Antennas up to 150 cm (5 Feet).
◾ Push-in-twist connect/release.
◾ External (visible) locking mechanism.
◾ Allows easy Antenna removal for car wash or garage parking or to prevent Antenna theft.

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